J Barbour & Sons PR Student Placement
Blog 9- March
During March I continued to respond to the daily press requests that come in through the Barbour press email. One of these requests was from Presented Dermot O Leary’s Stylist, requesting some product for him to wear on television. Myself and Rachael from the PR Team organised this, going back and forth on email with his stylist and sending the requested product to Dermot’s address for the fitting. 
I worked on creating a fathers day gift guide dropbox, pulling together imagery and flatshots of product which I think would make good gifts for fathers day, renaming the images and compiling them into the dropbox which then got sent to the relevant press contacts. I also made a dropbox for the new ‘Explorer’ collection which Ben and Marina Fogle are the faces of. Later on, in the month I then saw what coverage we managed to achieve from sending this out and collated in into a coverage deck. The collection achieved a great piece from Yorkshire Post, and from Ben and Marina Fogle’s socials. The collection didn't receive a great deal of coverage so far due to it being a lesser collection as Ben and Marina Fogle have fronted previous Barbour collections before. This means it is not as new to press and not exciting enough to write about. ​​​​​​​

Barbour Explorer Collection- Ben & Marina Fogle

I also collated Ally Capellino coverage, because of it was a new collab for Barbour it received great pieces of coverage from media titles such as LDN Fashion, Guardian, Industry Fashion, Fashion United and High Snobiety. I collated screen grabs of the coverage into a PowerPoint deck including key info on each media title and the journalist which wrote the piece. 
During March I renamed NOAH flat shots and imagery for dropbox for the upcoming launch of the collection. I really liked getting to see the Barbour x NOAH photography, however, I don’t think it was as strong as the previous Barbour x NOAH collab imagery. 
I also got given another research task this month. One of the PR Team, Anna has suggested to the Global Marketing Director that Barbour could do a collaboration with an Artist or an Artist’s Estate. I had the task of pulling together a deck of prominent artists who Barbour could collaborate with. Some of the artists I researched included, Andy Warhol, Basquait, David Hockney and Roy Lichtenstein. I really enjoyed this task as I am a fan of a lot of these artists, this task meant I got to do further research into my favourite artists and found out what other brands their estate has collaborated with in the fashion industry.
The biggest event for Barbour during March was being a part of the television programme ‘We Are England’. ‘We Are England’ aired on BBC on 21st March 2022, the episode was filmed about Barbour and had footage of the Factory workers, Re-Waxing station and Dame Margaret Barbour all at South Shields. Although I didn't get to be a part of the filming of the programme, I helped collate all of the coverage and response it received, which was then given to the Global Marketing Director Paul Wilkinson. Paul said that Barbour being part of the programme ‘We Are England’ in his opinion, was one of the best things Barbour has done since he started his job within the company.
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