The TICE Programme is an award-winning programme for young people wanting to explore creative, design & digital skills and careers. I was tasked to work on a fashion project, ‘Psychoanalyse what?’ as an example for the students. 
The project was about pitching a new word (or phrase) for a jumper to the Bella Freud team, using a Zine to do this. Within the zine, the students must explore ways of communicating their word/phrase through photography, illustration or creative writing. The final output is an 8-page zine. 
I created the 8-page zine, coming up with a phrase for a jumper for the bella freud zine, displaying photography, collage, illustration, graphic design and creative writing. All of which I documented and recorded as tutorials for the students to follow and have as an example. 
I thoroughly enjoyed creating this project for TICE and the students on the programme. 

Inspired by Bella Freud & David Bowie.
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